VolcanoScapes 3 and VolcanoScapes 4 - DVD

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The first 2 programs in the series are available on 1 DVD.
VolcanoScapes 3... Living On The Edge! (56 Minutes)

Participate in the agonizing struggle of those who live dangerously close to the Hawaiian Fire Goddess. Witness the salvation of the landmark Painted Church as the beautiful coastal community of Kalapana is enveloped in her fiery flow. The devastation and splendor of Pele’s most destructive eruption of the 20th century will captivate and amaze you. See dramatic footage of the incredible “firehose lava” formation, Black Sand Beach, and historic Kalapana from 1964!        

VolcanoScapes Four... Kilauea’s Flow To Kamoamoa! (40 Minutes)

Experience magnificent spatter cones! Wonder at flows cascading over cliffs! Thrill to molten lava exploding into the ocean and creating the newest land on earth! Emmy-award winner Mick Kalber has captured magnificent footage documenting Pele’s advance through the Kamoamoa area. Kamoamoa was an ancient Hawaiian village and temple, and also the site of the island’s most beautiful black sand beach, created by volcanic activity in the late 1980’s. This unique area is now buried by Pele’s fiery touch... an historic village frozen in time!
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